MobileTECH Ag 2020 Programme

Day One | Tue 7 April 2020

9.50amWelcome & Introductions

Session 1: Setting the Scene - Primary Sector, Technology and Global Developments

10.00amAn international perspective on technology adoption and development within the primary sector
The food system as we know it, is on a path towards the most significant agricultural revolution since the inception of commercial farming back in the 18th century. The new digital forces will be enjoyed right across entire food networks and the real question is, who will be the builders and who will be the bystanders?
Dr Mike Briers, CEO, Food Agility, Australia
10.30amIBM is using its supercomputing and AI smarts to change how we understand and forecast weather for rural businesses
Weather can impact lives and businesses in ways that you might not have considered, and preparation is critical. Hear how weather forecasting data and analytics provide agribusinesses with access to a variety of weather data feeds that inject a wealth of insights to enable smarter, faster decision-making.
Jamie Azzopardi, Oceania Head of The Weather Company, IBM, Australia
11.00amA critical update on NZ's international agritech growth - and what this means for the local industry
As the compliance regulations increase, whilst still maintaining improvements in productivity, decisions on this balancing act will increasingly be data-driven. This will require a massive increase in the number and range of remote sensors providing this data, all the way from the source to the final customer. See how the Agritech industry have started to adopt IoT solutions and how this has massively increased more reliable data records, reduced compliance costs and increased productivity.
Peter Wren-Hilton, Executive Director, Agritech New Zealand
11.30amMobile connectivity and rural NZ - what is the current state of play with 4G, 5G and specialised IoT networks and how will this impact the sector in the future?
Craig Young, Chief Executive, TUANZ
12.00pmLunch & Networking

SESSION 2: Tech Futures - what is the next big thing?

1.30pmArtificial intelligence - we are only just scratching the surface
Russell Craig, National Technology Officer, Microsoft New Zealand
2.00pmImmersive technologies are changing how the primary sector works, plays and promoted
First we had print, then radio, then TV, then computers, now we have Immersive Technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). There is a Paradigm shift happening in the way we use digital content and communicate with each other. These technologies are no longer gimmicky, they are powerful tools to drive productivity, increase safety and to tell our story.
Tim Gentle, Founder, Think Digital, Australia
2.30pmThe robots are here! Are you ready?
An exploration into the future of robotics and impact on the primary sector - globally
David Inggs, CEO, Rocos
3.00pmAfternoon Tea & Networking
3.30pmNZ Ag Trials & Demo of Suit-X: A Wearable Exoskeleton

These new exoskeletons are ready for the workforce and will revolutionise health, safety and performance.
Greg Borman, Director, Biosymm, Australia
4.00pmSpecial Panel Discussion:
Overcoming the challenges with industry adoption
4.30pmTECH Talks: Short presentations on new product innovations
5.00pmRefreshments & Networking

Day Two | Wed 8 April 2020

SESSION 3: Targeting Big Issues with Technology

8.30amTackling food waste by becoming a data-driven business
On average 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year. But what if you could be smarter about how you grow by using data to get the right product, to the right buyer, at the right price and the right time – every time.
Jonathan Morgan, Chief Technology Officer, Autogrow
9.00amCase Study: Empowering the worker
How businesses are using head mounted displays and voice recognition software to streamline productivity
Lance Bauerfeind, Senior Consultant, Company-X
9.30amCase Study: Real-world applications for the Internet of Things for primary sector producers
Decisions on balancing compliance regulations and productivity improvements will increasingly be data-driven. This will require a massive increase in the number and range of remote sensors providing this data, all the way from the source to the final customer.
Shaun McBride, Operations Director, Thinxtra
10.00amMorning Tea & Networking
10.30amInventory Optimisation - using big data analysis to tackle the complex decisions in horticulture
Dean Wood, Business Manager, Cucumber
11.00amCase Study: The world's first livestock virtual fence system - tested right here in NZ
Digital paddock technologies have the power to connect millions of farms global to bring about change locally. New digital systems, like eShepherd, aim to revolutionise livestock management and give farmers direct control of pastoral assets, rotation and livestock movement.
Jason Chaffey, CEO, Agersens, Australia and Sarah Adams, eShepherd Global Business Development Manager, Gallagher

SESSION 4: Turning an idea into a game changer

11.30pmShowcasing the best agritech ideas from the farmgate
Natasha Telles D'Costa, Principal Adviser, Ministry for Primary Industries
12.00pmLunch & Networking
1.00pmHow will the NZ Government support the agritech sector to increase technology adoption by farmers and growers?
Hear how an ‘industry transformation’ approach is being designed to accelerate Agritech sector growth.
David Downs, Agritech Task Force Lead
1.30pmYoung Leaders Panel
2.00pmCase Study: Taking AI and machine learning algorithms from laptop to industry… and back - an evolution at NZ Plant and Food Research
AI is everywhere and everybody wants AI. The challenge for Plant and Food Research was to develop cutting edge data science capabilities which supports its science and strengthens its commercial activities.
Peter Jaksons, Data Science Team Leader, Plant and Food Research
2.30pmDesigning Together - How To Empathise, Understand and Build With Your Customer
What it takes to grow an idea into a business. Deeper customer empathy and co-design can help agritech companies produce solutions that deliver greater benefits for farmers and achieve faster adoption. Companies that innovate with their customers and take time to really understand their needs also position themselves to discover the next opportunity.
Andrew Cooke, Managing Director, Rezare Systems + Jeremy Suisted, Innovation Consultant, Rezare Systems
3.30pmConference Concludes