23-24 March 2021, Rotorua, New Zealand + Virtual Online

MOBILETECH AG 2021 Programme


Tuesday 23 March 2021

Timezone: NZDT

9.00am - 12pm

Pre-Event Workshop: ArcGIS in Agriculture

ArcGIS is the world-leading spatial or GIS technology used across widely across many domains including the primary industries. The workshop provides a practical overview of the ArcGIS Platform as well as in-depth coverage of how it is being used to address the unique challenges that face the agriculture, horticulture, and viticulture industries. Specific topics covered include Asset Management, Health and Safety, Farm Environment Planning, IoT Integration, and Drone Monitoring.

GIS Technology Team, Eagle Technology

Conference Programme

Conference Registrations + Lunch + Networking


Welcome & Introduction



Opening Keynote: Agritech does not exist in a bubble - What are the key technologies shaping industries throughout NZ?

Graeme Muller, Chief Executive Officer, NZTech


International Keynote: How Agritech development is thriving in Europe and North America

International speaker TBC (via video link)


The Agritech Industry Transformation Plan: progress and actions

Launched in early 2020, the ITP was a significant initiative between the NZ Government and the agritech sector. The groundwork has been laid and this session will provide an overview of what is to happening and how you can engage.

Brendan O'Connell, Acting CEO, AgritechNZ


Collaborating with Australia’s Agritech community

The Australian sector has taken major leaps with the recent formation of Agritech Australia and the Australia New Zealand Agritech Council. What opportunities will this create?

Dr Mike Briers, CEO, Food Agility, Australia (via video link)


Application of advanced technologies in agriculture

Advanced cloud-based technologies, such as AI and augmented reality, are creating exciting opportunities for innovation in agriculture. This session will focus on sharing some of those innovations, to stimulate thinking about how we can leverage these capabilities in New Zealand.

Russell Craig, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft NZ

Afternoon Tea + Networking

Robotics: The challenges and opportunities this new technology introduces

Robotics has the power to transform the agricultural sector and has already started creating new ways of working. With the global shortage of labour and a rising global population, higher yields, and an evolution in automation are required. Let's take a look at how robotics is starting to revolutionise the industry - globally.

David Inggs, CEO, Rocos


Agriculture powered by supercomputing

Today data are gathered at different scales and at different frequencies by different organisations using different types of devices. Most of it using already outdated technologies and systems. This creates an integration challenge: digesting data at the local scale, using it to update regional and nationwide scale models, and feeding thus learned models back to the local scale to inform local inference. Real-time advanced modelling and simulation for quick decision-making requires significant computing power. Let's discuss how the Primary Sector will look like when we apply powerful tools and models already available.

Nicolas Erdody, Director, Open Parallel


Connecting the Rural Sector

While 5G is the next big thing, when will we see this outside of the urban centres and what technologies will fill the gaps in rural and hard to reach areas. Connectivity is essential for farmers and horticulturists to capitalise on the digital evolution.

Michelle Sharp, Head of IoT, Vodafone


TECH Talks

Short, sharp presentations that showcase and highlight some of the best up and coming agritech innovations, products, services and collaborative opportunities.

Drinks + Refreshments + Networking

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Timezone: NZDT


Day two Introductions



An ongoing challenge: Integrating farm environment plans within digital platforms

Warren Parker, Chairman of the Board, Pāmu Farms


The Future Farmer: The new skillset coming through the sector

Lynda Coppersmith, CEO, New Zealand Young Farmers


Young Leaders Panel

How the next generation can bridge the gap between digital technology development and actual adoption by traditional producers.


Case Study: Connecting farmers with Yacker – An Australian startup

Heath McWhirter & Emma Ayliffe, Directors, Summit Ag, Australia (via video link)


Morning Tea + Networking


International case studies for scaling data to insight with AI

Eitan Dan, General Manager - New Zealand, CropX (via video link)


Horticultural applications for artificial intelligence and computer vision

Turning streams of data into actionable decisions is the key driver for the horticultural sector.

Ian Yule, Research Director, PlantTech Research Institute


Case Study: The impact of bureaucracy on step-change innovation

As an innovator, Government bureaucracy is both an opportunity and a potential barrier for technology. Hear insights on the development of the Spikey urine detection and treatment system, where the support has come from and the challenges that lie ahead.

Geoff Bates, Managing Director, Pastoral Robotics


Tackling food waste by becoming a data-driven business

On average 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year. But what if you could be smarter about how you grow by using data to get the right product, to the right buyer, at the right price and the right time – every time.

Jonathan Morgan, Chief Technology Officer, Autogrow


Conference summary and final comments

Brendan O'Connell, Acting CEO, AgritechNZ


Conference Concludes + Lunch + Networking

Post-Event Workshop

1.00pm - 3.30pm

Post-Event Workshop: Connecting the Agritech Ecosystem

The agricultural industry is complex: farmers and their advisors use a multitude of tools. Real insights and powerful decisions happen when we can leverage information from a variety of data sources. At this workshop you’ll find out how agritech developers and agricultural businesses can make their systems work together. You will learn how you can join collaborations of interest to you, such as Agritech ITP projects, and find other systems you can interact with. This is an optional workshop with limited seating.

Rezare Systems and Agritech NZ Practitioner Working Group

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