3-4 April 2019, Rotorua, New Zealand

MobileTECH 2019 brings together over 300 technology leaders, innovative developers, early adopters and the next generation of primary industry operators from throughout New Zealand and Australia. MobileTECH is an annual event showcasing the digital technologies transforming the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors.

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4 December 2018

A quick look at key speakers for 2019

MobileTECH 2019 aims to highlight some of the brightest minds and exciting technologies within the primary sector. We have pulled together a strong programme for 2019, featuring a wide range of local and international technolog...

4 December 2018

Super Early Bird Ending – Book Now

We are pleased with the early interest in MobileTECH 2019. Registrations are flowing in to take advantage of the big discounts on offer. We are offering special super early-bird and group discounts for everyone registering on o...

17 October 2018

Technology transforming the primary sector

Media Release: 17 October 2018 Solving rural producers’ challenges and improving productivity through technology will be key themes at next year’s MobileTECH 2019. Now in its 7th year, MobileTECH will, once again, bring tog...

16 July 2018

MobileTECH 2019 Event Dates

We are pleased to announce that MobileTECH 2019 will be returning on 3-4 April 2019 in Rotorua, New Zealand. While this will be the 7th annual MobileTECH, we are looking forward to adding a lot of exciting new content and innov...

30 March 2018

MobileTECH 2018 Event Summary

Close to 300 delegates attended MobileTECH 2018 from throughout New Zealand and Australia – a real who’s who of primary industry and technology leaders. Over 40 speakers covered a wide range of technologies and issues criti...

21 March 2018

MobileTECH 2018 is running next week

We are looking forward to hosting 300 industry representatives at MobileTECH 2018 next week. A lot is planned. Over 40 presentations, discussion panels, demos and TECH Talks. Our mission has always been to create a platform for...

8 March 2018

Preview of MobileTECH 2018

MobileTECH 2018 is now less than 3 weeks away.  Hosted in Rotoura, MobileTECH 2018 will run on the 27-28 March 2018. 300 primary industry and technology leaders will meet to network, gain insights and discuss the latest digita...

22 February 2018

Only 4 Weeks to Go

In just 4 weeks MobileTECH 2018 will, once again, bring together over 300 primary industry leaders, agritech developers and early adopters. This 2 day programme is packed full of innovative digital technologies, practical case ...

22 February 2018

10 tips to make the most out of attending

The MobileTECH 2018 quickly approaching, we have pulled together a number of tips to get the most of our attending this event. Attending an event can be an expensive investment, especially when you take into consideration the t...

30 January 2018

The changing face of Agritech

Industries rise, fall and evolve under the constant development of new and innovative technologies. Refrigeration changed how food was supplied, the lightbulb enabled us to utilise more hours in the day, the telephone connected...

7 December 2017

Engaging an agritech community innovation

New Zealand has, over the last couple of years, become a hotbed of activity for both local and international agritech companies and start-ups. The growth in digital technologies and connectivity within the primary sector has en...

12 October 2017

Digital technologies converging on primary sector

Every year MobileTECH brings together over 300 technology leaders, developers, early adopters and major industry operators from throughout the primary sector. Now in its 6th year, new technologies and innovations have always be...

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Event Details

Since 2013, MobileTECH has been the only event of its type to bring together the technology leaders from right across the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors under one roof.

The key message from 2018's event was that business data, machine learning and decision making software are the catalysts for future growth. The digital revolution provides an exciting opportunity for the primary sector. The key though will be in focusing on solutions that fix real issues within the industry.

MobileTECH 2019's theme is 'Data with Purpose'.

Globally, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day. Over 90% of the world's data has been created within the last two years. Technologies like the Internet of Things will dramatically increase these numbers.  The problem is no longer how to collect data - its how to get the right answers at the right time for the right purpose.

Our farms and worksites are becoming more connected then ever and we are rapidly accumulating data. Remote sensors are in our fields, GPS units track our vehicles, UAVs and satellites provide imagery data and electronic tagging is optimises distribution. The primary sector now has more data points than can be comprehended and the demand is not just for technology, but for the right analysis and application.

5 key discussions at MobileTECH 2019:

  1. How can the primary sector leverage new technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain.
  2. Which technologies, innovations and use cases can best be picked up adopted between each sector - agriculture, horticulture and forestry.
  3. What are the best approaches for increasing developer collaboration and improving the technology uptake for rural businesses.
  4. How to bridge the gap between data ownership, transparency, collection and use.
  5. As digital technologies are transforming the industry, how will this impact the skills needed to run the business and the ongoing ability to attract a new generation into the sector.
Key Technologies

Mobile technologies ⋅ Artificial Intelligence ⋅ Machine learning ⋅ Internet of Things ⋅ Blockchain ⋅ Cloud computing ⋅ Automation ⋅ Advanced sensors ⋅ Platform integrations ⋅ Connectivity ⋅ Big data ⋅ M2M ⋅ Robotics ⋅ Satellite mapping ⋅ Communications ⋅ Data ownership ⋅ Apps and more

Who Attends?

Technology developers and suppliers  –  Corporate producers (large scale farms, orchards and plantations)  –  R&D managers  –  IT managers  –  Entrepreneurial operators  – Early adopters  –  Industry consultants  –  Researchers  –  Public sector organisations

What Delegates Say
"It is the only one of its kind in NZ"
"This is a national technology event where you will meet future end users"
"Tech focus, not just farmers"
"Great list of participants and talks, along with an excellent medium for networking"
"Reputation – this event has a specific focus on agri sector"
"We want to be a market disruptor, not be disrupted - MobileTECH is important"
"I always attend MobileTECH as a regular calendar event"
"This is the only event that talks tech and application to agri in one place"
"Have not been to, or come across, anything like this summit before"


We have worked closely with a wide range of New Zealand, Australian and international primary industry companies, technology developers, service suppliers, researchers and government bodies to develop a practical two-day programme for MobileTECH 2019. If you have any questions about the programme, please contact Ken Wilson via or (+61) 452 262 337.

MobileTECH 2019 Programme

Pre-Conference Workshop | Tue 2 April 2019

1.00pm Aligning NZ with Global Ag Data Standards: How can AgGateway help us extend Datalinker and NZ Farm Data Standards? (1-5pm)
Chaired by Brendan O’Connell, Deputy Chair of PAANZ. Presented by Jim Wilson, President & CEO of AgGateway Global Network and Andrew Cooke, Managing Director of Rezare Systems

Day One | Wed 3 April 2019

10.00am Welcome & Introductions
Session Chairperson: Scott Pollard, IoT Country Manager, Vodafone

Session 1: Agritech - A Global Outlook

10.10am Digital is transforming the NZ economy
Russell Craig, National Technology Officer, Microsoft NZ
10.40am The state and direction of global standards in agriculture
Jim Wilson, President & CEO, AgGateway Global Network, USA
11.10am Benchmarking NZ's agritech on the world's stage - new opportunities, initiatives & what this means for the sector as a whole
Peter Wren-Hilton, Executive Director, Agritech NZ
11.40am The role of artificial intelligence in the future of food
Yasir Khokhar, CEO, Connecterra, Netherlands
12.00pm Lunch & Networking
Session Chairperson: Simon Yarrow, Agritech Group Manager, Callaghan Innovation
1.00pm Advancing the future of food through AgTech
Arama Kukutai, Co-founder & Managing Director, Finistere Ventures and co-founder of Farm 2050, USA (via video link)

Session 2: Innovation through better developer & producer collaboration

1.30pm Overcoming the ag/agtech disconnect and ensuring value for both sides
Sarah Nolet, CEO, Agthentic, Australia
2.00pm How NZ farmers take-up digital technology - adoption barriers and opportunities
Prof Stephen Kelly, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Massey Business School
2.20pm Connecting the dots: How to talk tech with farmers and other rural workers
Julia Jones, Head of Analytics, NZX
2.40pm Case Study - building a farm with data
Sharon Shannon, Director, Organic Dairy Hub Cooperative NZ
3.00pm Afternoon Tea & Networking
3.30pm Panel Discussion: Early adopters discuss their views on working with technology providers and developers
Facilitator: Simon Yarrow, Agritech Group Manager, Callaghan Innovation | Panelists: Tim Agnew, General Manager, Apatu Farms + Rob Ford, General Manager of Innovation, Environment & Technology, Pāmu Farms of New Zealand + Jonathan Dixon, Chief Technical Officer, Seeka Ltd + Mike Sutton, Forest Information and Planning Manager, Forestry Corporation NSW

Session 3: Technology is Disrupting Every Sector

4.00pm The rise of Artificial Intelligence - how the new generation of AI technologies will change the nature of work and workplaces
Ben Reid, Executive Director, AI Forum
4.20pm The next generation of human to computer interactions
Mark Billinghurst, Professor, University of Auckland
4.40pm TECH Talks: Lightning talks on the best innovations and services available in NZ for the primary sector
Rezare Systems + SAITO + vWork + Eagle Technology
5.10pm Refreshments & Networking (Drinks & canapes will be provided amongst the exhibits)

Day Two | Thu 4 April 2019

Session Chairperson: Terry Copeland, CEO, Federated Farmers
8.30am Recap & Introductions

Session 3: Technology is Disrupting Every Sector (Cont.)

8.40am Applications for exoskeletons - empowering the workforce
Dr. Homayoon Kazerooni, Co-Founder and Chief Executive, US Bionics, USA (via video link)
9.00am Advances in ag robotics & how this technology is adopted on farm
Andrew Bate, Founder, SwarmFarm Robotics, Australia
9.20am Entering a new age with wearable technologies. Harnessing the real power of mobile connected employees
Simon Thomas, Enterprise Mobility - Senior Business Development Manager, Mobile Mentor
9.40am Blockchain for the rest of us - what is it and why is it important
Paul Ryan, CEO, Matrex
10.00am Morning Tea & Networking
10.30am Mixed-reality for forestry operations - a first glimpse promising results from this region’s first forestry trial using Microsoft HoloLens.
Melissa Evans, Research Leader - Data Analytics, Scion

Session 4: Finding the value in Agritech

10.50am A case study: Has information technology failed to deliver for NZ Agriculture?
Gavin McEwen, General Manager, Farmax Ltd
11.10am How reliable is your data? Why should AgriTech be more concerned about security?
Nicolas Erdody, CEO, Open Parallel Ltd
11.30am Changing business models in agritech – survival, profitability, and scalability in an evolving technology landscape
Jon Sandbrook, Investment Manager, WNT Ventures
11.50am A new IoT network for rural producers: Practical use cases and early adopters
Scott Pollard, Country Manager - IoT, Vodafone NZ
12.10pm Lunch & Networking
Session Chairperson: Tim Cutfield, Chief Operations Officer, GPS-it and PAANZ Representative

1.00pm Meet the Future Leaders: The brightest young farmers, horticulturalists and foresters discuss the role they play in encouraging tech adoption within the sector
Facilitator: Scott Pollard, IoT Country Manager, Vodafone | Panelists: Braydon Schroder, Consultant, Perrin Ag Consultants + Tegan Webber, Marketing Assistant, Whitelaw Weber + Joshua Gilbert, Manager, Guraabi Downs Brafords + Alfred Duval, Regional Forester, Port Blakely + Devin Westley, Retail Sales Consultant, Southern Woods

Session 5: New Technology Applications

1.30pm Developing a new system to integrate drone location and mobile mapping for forest management
Mike Sutton, Forest Information and Planning Manager, Forestry Corporation NSW, Australia
1.50pm IoT is about more than data, it’s about being scalable, productive and an interface customers can understand
Felicity Turner, Chief Customer Officer, The Yield, Australia
2.05pm Unlocking the value of data through the next-gen smart e-tags for livestock provenance & management
David Smith, CEO, Ceres Tag, Australia
2.20pm Human Digital Collaboration – Scion’s biosecurity app
Ian Gray, Customer Success Manager, Cucumber & Roland Rich, Tech Lead, Cucumber
2.35pm Case Study: The evolution of the drone as a service - its all about the data and computing
John Bampfylde, Director and Co-owner, DroneMate
2.50pm Better food chains through blockchain
Pam Whitfield, Assurance Marks Manager, AsureQuality
3.05pm Case Study: Capturing payroll and logistics data across the horticulture sector's supply chain
Patrick Malley, Business Development & Sales, Dataphyll
3.20pm Final wrap-up and sector comments
Tim Cutfield, Chief Operations Officer, GPS-it and PAANZ Representative
3.35pm Conference Concludes

Pre-Conference Workshop

Aligning NZ with Global Ag Data Standards

How can AgGateway help us extend Datalinker and NZ Farm Data Standards?

Date: Tuesday 2 April 2019

Time: 1-5pm

Venue: The Distinction Hotel, Rotorua, NZ

Image Image

PAANZ therefore invites you to attend a pre-conference workshop at MobileTECH 2019.

Data standards are continually evolving and international engagement is increasingly important. So in 2018, PAANZ reviewed international data standards options and initiated discussions within NZ and with some in Australia, on improving linkages and alignment with international data standards.

PAANZ considered that internationally, AgGateway represents the most appropriate collaborative approach for NZ, with over 230 multi-national companies as current members, such as CNH and John Deere who operate globally and in NZ.

AgGateway also excels at welcoming and leveraging standards work already developed within member countries, such as NZ’s investment in Datalinker, and expertise in livestock systems.

PAANZ has investigated the merits of forming a NZ/Australia chapter of AgGateway so that NZ can not only align with international organisations in NZ, but also can facilitate NZ ag tech companies wanting to export.

This year’s Mobiletech conference provides a great platform to reflect on data standards and map our future path.

The workshop is to be chaired by Brendan O’Connell, deputy chair of PAANZ. Presenting and facilitating discussions will be Jim Wilson, President & CEO of AgGateway Global Network and Andrew Cooke, MD of Rezare Systems who manage DataLinker and NZ Farm Data Standards.

The objectives of the workshop include:

  1. Providing updates on recent developments in international data standards activities
  2. Discussing the merits of aligning internationally, and building on the Datalinker work
  3. Determining support for forming a local chapter of AgGateway, including benefits, funding, possible steering committee, and alignment with Australia.

Click here to download the workshop flyer.

Venue and refreshments are sponsored by PAANZ.

Register for Workshop Only

Please note that this is registration is for the workshop only

Registration for the Workshop and MobileTECH 2019 Conference are separate events. Click here to Register for the MobileTECH 2019 Conference.


Yasir Khokhar, Connecterra

Connecterra is building an artificial intelligence that grows food sustainably. These technologies will interpret data and create intelligent ‘assistants’ that can help farmers run efficient farms.

Sharon Shannon, Organic Dairy Hub Co-op

Sharon as added value behind the farm gate by combining biological sustainable farming methods with on-farm technology and is now taking organic dairy products to the global consumer.

Scott Pollard, Vodafone NZ

Scott Pollard leads New Zealand’s Internet of Things (IoTs) line of business. IoTs is set to shape the connected farm of the future with applications like remote monitoring for stock feeding, electric fencing & water tanks.

Sarah Nolet, Agthentic

Sarah is a a global trailblazer and aims to bridge the gap between ag and tech and enable more collaboration between Australia and NZ.”

Russell Craig, Microsoft

Russell’s focus is on how digital innovations are transforming the NZ economy. NZ is world-leading and it is exciting to see the opportunities this creates for the sector.

Peter Wren-Hilton, Agritech NZ

Peter connects early stage NZ agritech companies with international markets. His driving purpose is to identify disruptive technologies that can feed 10 billion mouths by 2050.

Nicolas Erdody, Open Parallel Ltd

Nicolas a specialist in building sustainable high-tech ecosystems and has lead the company’s work on the SKA radio-telescope project – the ultimate big data project in the world.

Mike Sutton, Forestry Corp NSW

Mike is a forester with more than 30 years’ experience and has recently developed a mobile mapping application which combines with their drone program for forest management.

Melissa Evans, Scion

Melissa leads a team of forestry industry data scientists, computer scientists and bioinformatics scientists. She has a passion for exploring new technology and putting it into the hands of industry.

Julia Jones, KPMG

Julia Jones is driven by the desire to inspire a new generation of food producers. She is part of the KPMG Agri-Food team who research and understand the changing global face of Agri-Food.

Jon Sandbrook, WNT Ventures

Jon is an early stage investor in technology-centric companies. NZ is on the front lines of the next wave of innovation in food and agriculture and it’s crucial we tackle that challenge head-on.

John Bampfylde, DroneMate

John is Managing Director of DroneMate, a Nelson-based UAV surveying company that partners with Sentera, one of the world’s leading agricultural sensor manufacturers.

Jim Wilson, AgGateway Global Network

Jim, who is based in the US, is an expert in global and industry information standards and has worked extensively with the agriculture, chemical, aerospace and defence industries.

Gavin McEwen, Farmax Ltd

Gavin’s focus is on furthering the potential of NZ pastoral agriculture. There is no doubt the digitisation of agriculture in New Zealand is gaining momentum and that transparency and collaboration is the key.

David Smith, Ceres Tag

David is CEO of Ceres Tag. As the population increases across the globe, the importance of food security and safety also increases. Optimal provenance of individual animals is paramount.

Brendan O’Connell, PAANZ

Brendan has developed a strong affinity with the primary sector and is particularly interested in the role of technology in protecting, unlocking and amplifying value from primary produce.

Andrew Bate, Swarmfarm Robots

Andrew developed the SwarmBot, a platform of robotic machines which can ‘talk’ to one another and work in swarms to autonomously plant, weed and undertake pest control.

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Exhibition spaces are always at a premium and we have a well-deserved reputation of providing both sponsors and exhibitors with a unique platform for promoting their products and services to the industry. For a full range of sponsorship options and benefits please contact Gordon Thomson, Sponsorship Manager, (+64) 7 921 1384, (+64) 27 275 8022 or

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“Excellent New Zealand and Australian contacts at this event”

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